Do we really have to wear socks?

February 07, 2018

Do we really have to wear socks?


Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

Growing up, we wore socks to protect our feet from friction of the shoe and the cold weather. But I always had this burning question inside of me - apart from the functional use of the socks, do we really have to wear socks?

When I was browsing one day, I stumbled upon a post by Andrew Muller on an online forum on the same topic. I am quoting his point of view for your reading pleasure. According to Andrew, 

"Socks do serve a very functional purpose, such as covering your feet so that you can wear shoes more comfortably, and keeping feet warm, etc.
But so do shirts and pants. Shirts, pants, and socks have functional uses, but they also serve a dual purpose- STYLE.

Would you wear the same colored shirt or the same styled pants every day? No you probably wouldn't.

Socks are styling opportunities. What better way to show individuality than by wearing colorful dress socks to work, or showing some brightness between your hem and shoes? Socks can be seen when sitting, from virtually all angles, and can be glanced at while walking. They can be used to show some flair, especially when wearing a conservative suit and tie. When the rest of your colleagues are wearing plain black socks, your sense of style can be visible between the hem of your pants and the top of your shoes".

My opinion on socks changed a bit and my eyes opened wide to the world of colorful ,trendy, and fun socks. 

The Peacock Feather Knee High Socks are one of my favorite socks that I picked for the store. What are some of your favorite socks?